A small business can do a ton with a site. So, it could shock you that just 71% of small companies presently have a site. Given exactly how much business is done on the web, that is a grave misstep! Therefore, it is essential to build your small business website, preferably with the Gutenberg Block Editor. We will quickly learn about it in detail.

There are around 1.3 billion sites on the web, and more than 455 million of them are created utilizing WordPress. It is the most well-known content management framework on the planet. It controls more than 43% of the web.

WordPress is a simple-to-utilize platform. We would unequivocally suggest creating WordPress websites to ensure high-quality performance.

Beforehand, WordPress expected external page developers to design and make a site. Be that as it may, with the arrival of the Gutenberg block editor, creating WordPress websites has become substantially more sensible.

Why use Gutenberg Block Editor for small business websites

Gutenberg utilizes blocks to create your pages. Blocks are components that contain various kinds of content so you can make your formats. The block editor is still developing yet it is as of now unbelievably natural and adaptable. You needn’t bother with being a coding master to create a responsive small business website with Gutenberg.

The WordPress block editor works on easy development and empowers anybody, at any ability level, to assemble sites, make pages and publish blogs. It utilizes blocks with lots of options to choose from. Every website design & development company in Oakville uses the Gutenberg block editor to simplify page development for websites.

How to create a small website with Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg is one of the best customizers out there for WordPress. At Livewire Web Solutions, we use the Gutenberg editor to deliver high-quality websites for all types of businesses.

Here are the steps to create a small business website with Gutenberg block editor –

1. Get web hosting and install WordPress

Picking WordPress hosting implies you can undoubtedly install it in a single tick. Your server resources are advanced for site execution. You can purchase WordPress hosting from various sources. There are shared hosting plans beginning from as low as $2.95/month.

Web Hosting

Whenever you’ve chosen your plan, you can either register another domain name or enter a current one you have. To register another domain name, you want to initially affirm that it’s accessible. Then, fill in your record data and all the installment data. When your purchase is complete, you can now install WordPress in only a single tick.

You’ll promptly be diverted to your WordPress administrator dashboard in the wake of setting up your record login credentials. From here, you can start to build your small business website.

2. Select a WordPress theme and customize

There are heaps of free WordPress themes accessible in the vault. You can choose any topic which suits your requirements. Nonetheless, assuming you’re unsure, the least difficult thing to do is stay with WordPress’ default theme. If you plan to intensely modify your new site, pick a basic theme, as this will have less code and be simpler to alter.

3. Use Gutenberg block editor to build pages

With the WordPress block editor, you can design the main pages of your site, like Home, About, Contact, Security Policy pages, and others. Most WordPress themes will accompany fundamental pages. You can utilize these same steps toward redoing those pages and make new ones. Simply select Pages and open the page you need to redo. Change anything you desire on the page and select Update to save those changes.

4. Enhance site functionality with plugins

You can work on the speed, execution, usefulness and features of your site by utilizing WordPress plugins to create a responsive small business website. WPForms is a phenomenal plugin that empowers you to create alluring forms and install them anyplace on your site.

While most sites use forms that just allow guests to reach out, a business site ought to utilize the elements accessible by offering a client the potential chance to connect, seek clarification on some pressing issues or connect with your business. You can use a Contact Us or Phone Number form to get the details. Other plugins include Contact Form 7, and Formidable Forms.

5. Optimize your small business site

Speed is a gigantically significant element for a business site, both as far as Website optimization score and client maintenance. WP-Upgrade is a WordPress optimization plugin that helps to align and organize your site, so it loads as fast as the top websites.

The importance of how rapidly your site loads couldn’t possibly be more. Quicker loading sites perform altogether better compared to sites that take more time to load. So remember, anything you can do to help execution is something worth being thankful for.


Building your independent business site can be more than giving a web-based presence to your business. Hiring a website design & development company in Oakville like Livewire Web Solutions is the first step to beginning your online journey.

WordPress sites stand firm on the web for their usefulness, responsiveness, security, and elements. With the WordPress block editor, you can rapidly create fundamental pages and add elements to your site.