A responsive website is the digital front page of your business. Today, most people look for a business online before they make any dealings with it. Therefore, you need a website that attracts users and keeps them engaged. A web design company Oakville, can help you with a website that is interactive and ensures that you receive a high amount of traffic.

But having a website is not enough – you need a responsive website. A website that work perfectly well on mobile devices is considered as responsive. Today, any company offering website design, Oakville would agree that most users access websites on their mobile phones. So, your business needs a website that people can open on the Smartphones and understand in detail about your service offerings. 

In this article, we will focus on the top reasons your business needs a responsive website. We will highlight the things that you need to take care of while building a website that works well with mobile phones. Our aim is to help you understand the use of responsiveness, so you can hire a web development company Oakville for getting a proper site.

Top reasons your business needs a responsive website

Responsive websites work well with all kinds of devices and not only Smartphones. Whether it’s a tablet, desktop computer, or mobile phone – responsive websites deliver the same user experience on all devices. Here are the top reasons your business needs a responsive site in today’s digital world – 

1. Increased mobile usage

The biggest reason to hire a web design company, Oakville for a responsive website is that mobile usage is dramatically increasing. There are more people accessing websites on mobile than desktop computers. It is a large portion of the target market that you cannot fail to address. Therefore, smart devices call for the need for responsive websites.

2. Faster load speed

A responsive website loads much faster than a traditional website. Since all the elements are optimized for different devices, they load quickly. If the site speed is low, then you will leave valuable traffic as users don’t stay on websites that take time to open. A responsive site on the other hand will deliver the first page as soon as the user presses enter.

3. Return customers

In a survey, 74% of people said that they would return to a mobile-friendly website. Since most people use a smart device in today’s world, they want the best experience on their phones. If a website is friendly and interactive, they are more likely to return and make the purchase. You can easily take the example of Amazon’s mobile website that has millions of customers.

4. Better conversion

When a website is responsive, you will automatically see a higher conversion ratio. This is because people who search for your business on mobile devices are more likely to click your website link. It helps in gaining quality inbound leads that are actually interested in your business. That’s why any web development company, Oakville would suggest you get a responsive website for better conversions.

5. Competitive advantage

One of the most ignored benefits of a responsive site is that it gives you a competitive advantage. It ensures that you care about your customer’s user experience. That way, search engines would also rank your website above your competitors that are still stuck on traditional, non-responsive websites. A company providing web design Oakville can make a site for you that will keep you ahead of the competition in your industry.

Having a responsive website is a necessity in today’s digital world. It helps you reach a customer base that wasn’t once accessible to you. Your website will then convert your one-time visitors into long-term customers without any hassle.