For an online presence, a website has become essential. It not only allows you to exchange information about your business but also lets you attract potential clients. Whether you are a growing business or just have kick-started, creating a website will give your business new exposure and access.

Anyone, from any nation, will be able to locate your firm and become a prospective customer as a result. Designing your website can be easier if you approach the right people who know the dos and don’ts of the website.

A responsive and adaptive design can enhance the look of your website. If you need a responsive website then let me tell you that you have landed on the right page. We at Hamilton design websites that are elusive and help you grow your market in the online world.

Mobile website

Various types of websites cater to different demographics of people. The web design company Hamilton considers all the major points that go into responsive web design. But most importantly it is necessary to understand the device on which your viewers are accessing your website, whether it is a smartphone, an iPad, or a laptop.

The designs for all these three are very different from each other. Let’s shed a light on how a mobile website is different from all other websites. A smartphone or tablet is used to browse a mobile website, which has a smaller screen and uses touchscreen navigation.

Whereas when it comes to other websites it is considered as a computer together with a mouse and a big screen used to view a typical website. Other websites are tough to use on mobile devices due to their tiny screens. It’s tough to provide information because these sites aren’t designed for touch input.

The mobile websites are designed to operate well on small screens, with fast load speeds and clear contact information to encourage visitors to contact the firm as soon as feasible. Now that you have understood the difference between mobile websites and other websites let’s see how you can build a website.

Building a mobile website

At first, it might feel intimidating to choose the right web developer for your business but at Hamilton, it’s all done easily. We are known for our quality in the online world as we have the best designers and developers. Web design Hamilton promises to design a website that is credible and helps you with brand recognition.

Here are a few steps in which you can easily build a mobile website: –

  • Make your website mobile-friendly: We all know how small the screen of smartphones is which is just the size of our palm. The indentation, font, alignment all need to be taken great care of.
  • Less CTAs: Adding too many CTAs can irritate your customers so make sure you place the right number of CTAs at the right place.
  • Prioritize the speed of your website: If you add too many graphics and videos the website might take too long to respond if the internet connection is poor you need to optimize it so that it saves the time of your viewers.
  • SEO Friendly: Suppose you run a craft shop and a person is in your vicinity and is looking for the same. He types on google “Craft shops near me” aren’t you willing that your shop’s name should appear at the first, of course, you are. An SEO-based website can help your clients easily without any hindrance. This is exactly what Livewire Web Solutions do, we design SEO-friendly websites.
  • Simple design large font: A simple design can prevent the client from being distracted while large fonts can help them find tabs, search bar, and other sections easily.


We would love designing your website as we comprehend the importance of online presence at this time. Because your website is available to anybody on the globe, breaking down geographical borders has never been easier.

Most of the customers and clients generally come to know more about you and your business through websites only. It is a typical representation of your business in the simplest form.