The internet was born in 1983. Since then, web pages have been its kith-and-kin. Over these years, web development trends have transitioned dynamically. From a basic design to a highly interactive interface, the user’s expectations rise.

If you have a website, you understand the urgency to stay at par with the web development trends. Or even if you are seeking web application development, you should have insights into what the users are expecting in the following year. This does not just work to enhance the site functionality, but also promotes it on the SERP.

Keeping your website updated is one of the best ways to thrive in the online competitive world. Here is a list of the top 5 web development trends that you can follow in 2022.

Web development trends you can follow to ace up the web application development in 2022

The last thing you would want as a business is your users not visiting again. So, to avoid losing out on the chances of gaining customer traction, here are the website development technology trends to follow up with:

1. Accelerated page performance:

This is one of the quintessential standards of web design- fast load time. All through the years, these have been a priority for SEO purposes and UX developers.

If you want your website to rank, take note of how long users have to wait before they can access the site. The load time should be a maximum of 2 seconds. Even more, once the bounce rate increases, it gets difficult to get the traffic back.

Page speed is a standard metric in website development technology. Additionally, you can opt for progressive web apps which enhance the user experience.

2. Personalized content based on browsing history:

With all the graphical elements, the website can become resource-heavy. This can degrade the speed. To fix this, a good idea is to opt for lazy loading technologies.

These load only those resources which you are viewing. And this one is surely very popular with long page websites. Along with the smart content load, a part of this web development trend is personalized content for the users.

Most websites can easily track the browsing history of users, thereby knowing all our locations. This data accessibility provides the website owners with the leverage to show dynamic content on the site.

A great directory on the site understands your preferences based on your search activity. For the ones seeking website development technology, personalization will allow a dominant web presence.

3. Voice activation and its accessibility

The way we interact with technology and get information is changing dynamically. One of them is how we get answers to the questions, i.e., through voice activation. This means that during the web application development, another aspect is getting virtual assistants and voice chatbots on the site.

Just like automated devices, the integration of voice search is one of the key web development trends.

4. Micro-animations and interactions on the web page

When you want to guide the website visitors in an interactive and catchy way, the best way to do so is through video animations. Minimalistic and subtle, the micro animations stand out. They also are a playful element in the interface.

For instance, in an e-commerce site, micro-animations are added to the products for a better view, allowing the shoppers to understand how it fits on real people.

5. Mobile-friendly web application development

Nowadays, most users surf the platform through mobile applications. Over 50% of the traffic comes in through mobile pages. This makes it important to optimize the interface based on mobile friendliness.

Till the present day, several web application development techniques have been incorporated including personalized experience, one-click ordering, bio-metric authentication among several others.

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As such, the current scenario calls for the need to constantly be updated with the web development trends and incorporate them into your site. So, whether you are a web developer or business owner, these trends will help you have your way in 2022!