Web design and web development are the two hottest topics when it comes to websites. Many people confuse them as being the same. However, when you hire someone for web design Hamilton, they probably won’t develop the website for you. Both web development company, Hamilton and web design company, Hamilton mean different things, even though they are both related to website development.

Website design, Hamilton is much different from web development. Both involve different responsibilities and activities that are directed towards achieving the end goal – build an amazing website. A web designer can’t do the work of a web developer and vice versa.

This article will highlight the major differences between people who are into web design, Hamilton, and those who are into web development. We hope that by the end of this, you will be able to understand the difference between both in a much better way.

What is web design?

Web design deals with the aesthetic appearance of the website. The designers create visually appealing designs and layouts of the website. The role of the web designer is to ensure that the website looks great when a visitor scrolls the different pages. Experts in website design, Hamilton, use software like Adobe Photoshop to design the different elements of the website and give it a proper structure. 

Web designers have a much more difficult role to play – which is often underappreciated. They are the stepping stones for web developers. They provide the outline or the map for how the website will appear to the end-user. They need to transform the idea or concept of the website into reality. 

A web design company Hamilton, has experts who start by creating a blueprint of the website. They sketch the idea, create wireframes, build mockups, and then design the final website. The sole purpose of web designers is to deliver a look and feel that is visually engaging, appealing, and keeps the visitors hooked. Their primary goal is to make the website look amazing.

What is web development?

Web development starts once the web designers have completed their tasks. A developer will transform the design idea into an interactive website. They use different programming languages and frameworks to add functionality to the website design. So if the designer has added a button in the layout, the developer will write the code to bring that button to life so the users can interact with it.

A web development company Hamilton, has tons of developers who use different technologies to make the web design functional. There are frontend and backend developers who enable the interaction of different components to deliver an engaging user experience. Frontend involves the usage of HTML, CSS, JS, to style the layout of the website. On the other hand, in backend web development Hamilton involves the use of technologies like Rails, Python, for adding functionalities to the different components. 

Web developers build the actual interface of the website through which users can interact easily. They work with programming languages, databases, deployment platforms, testing automation, and more to build a fully-functional website. Web development also involves providing support and maintenance for a website.

Web design and web development are mistakenly used interchangeably. While one deals with just the design of the website, the other one deals with bringing that design to life. Some people confuse that full-stack developers can design and develop. However, full-stack web developers only offer frontend and backend development together. They do not play any role in designing the website. Experts in web design, Hamilton work separately from full-stack developers and play a standalone role in the website design & development process. Web developers may also be known as UI/UX developers.