Websites are an essential aspect of digital presence. But there are two different types of websites that you can have – static or dynamic. A web development company will suggest to you the best websites based on your requirement. Since website designing requires an understanding of how different elements will interact, it is essential to know whether a static website is good for you or a dynamic one.

Static websites are fixed and show the same content to every user. On the other hand, dynamic websites show different content to different users based on interaction. When you hire a company for website design Burlington, they will provide you options for getting a static or dynamic website.

In this article, we will have a look at the differences between static and dynamic websites. Our aim is to provide a clear understanding of what both are so that a web development company, Burlington, can assist you in building the best one.

Static vs. Dynamic websites: The differences

What is a static website?

As the name suggests, static websites have a fixed structure, content, and layout for every user. The content stays the same for every user interaction. They are generally written in HTML and CSS. Static website designing is perfect for smaller websites that don’t need regular content updates. Any web development company can easily design a static website at an affordable cost. If you want the design to be the same for all pages except for a few modifications, a website designer can easily duplicate the code with the required modifications.

Why choose a static website?

There are several benefits to getting a static site. When you opt for static website design, Burlington, you are achieving more in less time. Designers can easily change the design of different pages without having to worry about how users will interact with the site.

The best thing about static websites is that they are cheaper to build and maintain. Since they are not connected with any database and require no rendering, you only have to pay initially for getting the website done. You don’t need a team of website developers constantly monitoring the site for any changes and updates.

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What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites are more interactive and functional than static websites. They provide changes based on the user’s interaction with the site. The website will render content depending on how the user accesses or interacts with different elements. They are highly complex to build, and that’s why, a professional web development company Burlington, is your best bet to get a dynamic site. Since they use server-side scripts and generate content in real-time, dynamic websites are more complex to develop and require heavy coding.

Why choose a dynamic website?

The biggest advantage of dynamic website designing is that you can connect it with a database. It is a crucial step to deliver different content to multiple users based on their requirements. It organizes and structures the data in a way that is best for every user.

Dynamic websites are usually connected to a content management system for managing files like images, videos, and even text. It ensures that the development process is flexible as it enables multiple people to manage and manipulate the content. Dynamic websites have a low-maintenance cost in the long run as they are connected with a CMS and require no on-going costs.


The best way to decide whether you need a static or dynamic website is to hire a professional web development company, Burlington, with years of experience. Their team will guide you based on your requirements and budget and ensure that you are making the right choice for your online presence.