Selecting a freelancer vs agency is the first step in developing or redesigning your company website. Many web designers make it difficult for business owners to choose one quickly, and we, Livewire web solutions, are among them.

Each business has different requirements for web design. Some companies are working on large, time and money-consuming web development projects. Because of this, you must carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a freelancer vs agency. For any assistance with web design, contact us.

Hiring Freelancer vs Agency for Your Web Design Project

Here we will help you choose wisely between working with a freelance web designer or a web design firm.

Perks of hiring a Freelancer


A freelancer operates as a one-person firm; thus, the cost would be lower. A freelancer will establish his pricing and leave room for a fair deal. Hiring a freelancer will be excellent if your company is small.

Hiring a freelancer to create your project from scratch using a theme or WordPress template is another approach to save money. You can speak with a freelance developer about the possibility of working with templates and apps.

• Involvement

A freelancer can effectively coordinate their schedule with yours, which can speed up the completion of your job in addition to the cost-saving advantages.

When you engage a freelancer, you deal with only one person, so you can easily change your contract with him or even take a more personal approach while and after the job is finished.

Pitfalls of hiring a Freelancer

• Accountability

Comparing a freelancer’s experience and reviews to those of an agency is difficult. Some dishonest freelancers promote the work of other freelancers. As a result, you can’t be entirely sure you can trust them with your project.

Additionally, if the freelancer fails to live up to your expectations, you could need to hire another individual, which would raise your costs.

• Minimal skill set

You will be constrained by the skills and resources of a single individual if you hire a freelancer. In other words, good project design involves the expertise of a variety of professionals, which is required for web development.

If you work with an agency, you may benefit from the expertise of a variety of specialists who can manage every project area flawlessly.

• Availability

A freelancer could start working on another project after yours is finished, so if you subsequently require his skills, he might not be accessible.

Perks of working with a Web design agency

• Unique experience

Because an agency hires personnel based on their credentials and industry expertise, it is the most excellent option for you when your company’s website needs sophisticated features. However, when you work with our web design Hamilton agency, a variety of specialists will give your project a full review, giving you a beautiful outcome.

• Credibility & Assistance

An agency often has a better reputation, like our web design agency, Hamilton and trustworthiness than a freelancer. Before signing a contract with an agency, you may always investigate internet reviews, sneak peeks, works, accolades, and recommendations. These may not all be available to a freelancer.

Additionally, working with a web design agency such as our web design Hamilton increases your chances of receiving continuing help.

Pitfalls of working with a Web design agency

• Expense

Because they employ several people and require payment at the end of the month, hiring a web design agency is expensive. Another aspect that will increase their cost over a freelancer is the upkeep of their workplace.

Aside from that, a company will put a lot of effort into your website. Your quotations will include all of the agency’s expertise. Choose a small agency to save money.

• Bureaucracy

Working with a web design agency means communicating with more than two people, which may be challenging. Additionally, they could not finish your assignment by the deadline you set because different people use the internet at various times.

Even though many large companies employ project managers, these professionals enable effective time management and accessible communication. However, this issue might still arise if the project manager is not sufficiently qualified.


Finally, you’ll need to consider how your website will affect your company. A freelancer or a web design firm could be a fantastic option if you establish a new business and require a specific site to create an online presence.

An agency would be a better investment if your website will be crucial to your marketing and if it features e-commerce or more complicated things. A high-quality website needs a variety of expertise, so choose the right web developer for your business.