Website design often hangs between content and layout. Should you write content according to the layout or vice versa? But in a world where content is king – it makes sense to design a website that highlights your content. Today, any web design company would build your website based on the content that you need to showcase.

While the traditional approach was a layout-first design, the tables have turned. When you hire a web development company, the first thing they ask is the content file. In the fight between aesthetics and content, while undergoing web design Oakville, content comes out as the clear winner.

Why content-first design is crucial for your business

As much as the layout is essential, your customers want valuable information. Design can only please their eyes while content is focused on delivering value. Content is the cornerstone of your website, and a web design company cannot begin work without the right content. People want to interact with your website. They can click on buttons, but everything on the website needs to have a purpose.

Content is the only thing that will turn a visitor into a customer. So if you have an appealing website with nothing that provides value to the reader, your exit rate will be too high. Many designers advocate that there needs to be a balance between content and layout. However, every designer in every web development company knows that the design is nothing without valuable content.

With a content-first approach, the copywriter provides the content to the designer, who then designs the layout accordingly. However, both of them need to complement each other. You cannot just write plain text and expect the designer to come up with a beautiful design. There have to be appropriate headlines, bullet points, sections, separators, and everything else that could make the work of a designer much more comfortable.

Content brings customers

While the design is essential to keep users happy, content is needed to convert more customers. People visit websites to look for answers to their questions. Your business website needs to answer their query in the form of valuable content, downloadables, or digital products. When you hire someone for web design, Oakville, they will agree that content is the stepping stone for designing the perfect website.

Design promotes content

On the other hand, the design is the cornerstone for promoting content. With the help of elements and layout, designers at any web design company can showcase your content to customers. They can use colours, buttons, sections, and designs to highlight a specific point and answer your customer’s queries. If there’s any offer that you want to promote, the designer will make sure that it appears at the top of the screen and catches the eye at first sight.

Content directs the design

The most significant aspect of a content-first approach to your business website is that it guides the design of your site. Content includes text, audio, video, infographics, and more. Once the web design Oakville company knows what information to include, its designers can find the perfect design that fits the content.

The modern practice is to create the content first and then deliver it to the designer at a web design company. Since the design is a game of user experience, the designer can place the content in a way that generates maximum interaction while giving the best UI/UX to every visitor.

In essence, the content or layout-first approach is a collaborative effort of both the copywriters and the designers. The best practice is to create a strategy that fits the content and design perfectly with each other. In this way, neither the designer nor the copywriter at the web development company will struggle to make changes when the website is complete.

Designing a website with a content-first approach can be a game-changer for any web design company. Here’s why your business website needs to follow the same approach.